Start of a new fanfic

I am working on a new Harry Potter fanfic “Loving Lessons” and I decided to start to post it even though it’s not finished.

It’s rated PG-13 (for now anyway) and it’s about a kind Muggle Studies teacher who decides to help the teenagers with their self-love/hate problems, with the help of Lily Evans. It’s set in the Marauders’ era and is (of course) alternate universe.



News about “Shadow World”

I am back working on book 2, hooray!
You can download the prologue and book 1 as PDFs here, as well as find the link to the short story “Christmas Angel”.
(I will add the word count for both prologue and book 1 on the Shadow World page soon.)
I hope you enjoy the read!

Fanfiction and news

I have finally taken some time to have a look and realise it was done so… Muggle Magic part 2 is posted here !

Next, I intend to keep working on Shadow World, it’s just a matter of organisation (business closing down, a webzine to translate and write for, house work, health being what it is…)
I’m counting on the dark months to make me want to spend more time writing since I can’t go outside much (too windy!)


The blog is under work at the moment, I reposted one HP fanfic as articles to make it more visible but now I have the last posted = last part so I need to play around with posts’ orders.
The rest of the fanfics will come back, as articles too, so if you’ve missed any, don’t fret.

In other news, I’ve been slowly making my way through my edits and rewrites for Shadow World prologue et 1st novella.

That’s all for now, Wolfy’s out for the night.