On my discovery of the wonderful world of writing

The title really says it all: I have discovered the wonderful world of writing.
No, I don’t mean that I have just learnt my letters (I did a long time ago) or that I have discovered the enjoyment of writing for myself -I have done it for quite a while already. I mean “the world of writing for others”. I am slowly getting into the world of writers and authors, of submission guidelines and publishers, of WIP (work in progress as I finally worked out) and query letters.

I started writing the current novel I’m working on in June, but since coming back from my holidays I have worked on it a lot more and with a purpose: I intend to get this published; or if not, at least rejected. What I mean is, I am not just writing down some ideas or some poems or feelings, I am working on a full story, with a start and an end. I have thought up the characters, the plot, the locations… and I keep doing as I write.

I have written around 9000 words and I am not sure I have reached half way yet. When I set out, I was aiming for 10000 thinking even that would be hard. Now I don’t have a goal, I am just writing, making sure the story is fully told, at best I can.

I keep having new ideas about parts of it, going back over them and editing them, making them longer and better written. I have ideas for side stories (romantic ones, between some of the characters), for sequels and prequels. I carry around my notebook -bought specially for this- and I keep taking notes of the background world.

I am discovering a completely new world and I enjoy it. I also enjoy reading about other writers’ experiences, as I do over the internet (and thanks to Twitter).

I feel like I have, in a way, come home.

Marie Wolf


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