My inspiration muse is confused!

As you know, I’ve been writing seriously lately.
My muse has been of great help at first, helping me set up the story, imagine the world, think about some conflicts, work out the characters’ personalities and relationships…

Then I got reading on the internet writing advices, basically how to write a story that flows and that the readers will enjoy up to the end.
That completely threw my muse off course…

For the past few days she’s been reconsidering the whole plot (again), freaking out about “clichés” and how “the main conflict has been done before”.
Erm…yes, and? I mean, what hasn’t been done before?
As my friends have been telling me: it’s all in the writing and setting. The idea might be a classic, it’s how I tell it that makes it unique.

I have been trying to get her back on the tracks we were happily plotting on before this but it’s been a bit difficult.
I hope she gets reassured soon.
Any idea on how to make her feeling better?


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