Let’s do the Time Line again!

[Or “at all” as the case is. Can you guess what song inspired the title?]

The muse is back into working order, a break seems to have fixed her, so I did some more writing today.

Along the way, as one of my character was mentioning how long they’ve been working at their work place, I realised I had no idea!
So, I went back to the start of the story, opened another word document and started doing the time line I should have done earlier.

I decided I had started the story on a Monday and went from that, counting the days and weeks I mentioned in the story. So far, we have seen one full moon and we are on week four. I edited a couple of places so that it would fit a shorter time line.

The story might be about 5 weeks long. We’re getting there, but the last week will be action and emotion-packed.

Oh and, just so you know, I passed the 10 000 words mark today. That was initially my goal, now I’m just seeing what it’ll be.


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