How and Where

I have been rather stuck on my story for the past little while; it’s not writer’s block since I have a brief plan of the main plot.
I have reached the “I know where I’m going but not how to get there” point.

So I’ve thought about it and decided on a way: I am going to throw words on the page, reach the next “main event” in the plot and then I’ll fluff it all out in between. And then I’ll do it again…until it’s all done.

I am using the main plot as a frame to get you to meet my five current best friends (the characters, 5, like the musketeers) and to throw at you some thoughts I’m having about the world.
It’s a basic plot: good, bad, in between and world saving. Well, not really the world, but there is some saving involved.
What I am really trying to get across, though, is hope and friendship – sprinkled with a bit of romance, I’m a girl, I can’t help it.
I think those are important feelings and I hope when you’ll read the novel, those are the feelings that will linger once you finish it.


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