#ROW80: late update & giving up? (week 3)

I am now seriously considering this option since, as you might have noticed, I missed a deadline and, as I notice, I haven’t been writing much.

I am down to almost 1200 words and the structure is now sorted out but the retreat this time around is asking a lot of me so I am not able to be regular in my writing (or updates).

What do you people think?


2 thoughts on “#ROW80: late update & giving up? (week 3)

  1. Katherine

    I think, it’s day 23 and much too early to give up. It sounds like you’ve made progress on structure and word count, just not as much as you hoped. Don’t worry about what hasn’t gotten done in days 1-22, or the goals for days 24-80. You have plenty of time to finish this story. Sit down and sneak words in *today*. Even if it’s just 50. Even if they’re not the best words. Even if they’re not what’s next in the structure. Get something down. Make day 23 better than day 22.

  2. Jason

    I second what Katherine said. Totally forget about what you “should have” done by now. It’s gone. Never existed. Don’t know what you’re talking about. Change your goals (if you have to), and move forward from today as if today is day 1 of the challenge. And good luck!


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