#ROW80 weekly check-in: week 4

So, this is our weekly meeting!
One month in!

I want to thank everyone who commented on my last one and, as you can see, I followed your advice and didn’t give up.
My concern wasn’t about “not keeping to my goal” but with “not having updates to do every week”.

As it happens, I did write this week! I don’t write much at the time but as long as I do, I am happy.

My goal is still to get my 1st draft finished, now that the structure is set.
I am not looking at word count because that’s what threw me off course last time, so I’m not going to do the same mistake again.
My first draft will be “too short” most likely, but then I can fill it up. I am concentrating on telling the story and will work on descriptions and such later.

I hope everyone is having fun!

Update: new weekly goal: write at least 2 hours a week, preferably 1 before the Wednesday check-in and 1 before the Sunday one. Being away from home, that seems like something I should be able to keep, just about… :-s


7 thoughts on “#ROW80 weekly check-in: week 4

  1. Ben Miller

    Well done for staying with it and I think the your decision to avoid word counts is a wise one. I look forward to following your progress.

  2. Claire Farrell

    I make sure I get a little flurry of work done right before I do my check-in post. 😉

    Well done for sticking with it – I think you’re right not to get stuck on word counts. I find it easier to have the general story down and go back with more detail later.

  3. Marie Wolf Post author

    Thank you all!
    So, if you don’t use word counts, what do you use for weekly check-in?
    Time count?

  4. Craig Hansen


    In ROW80, your goals are whatever you decide. Many of us measure progress by word count, at least in first draft mode.

    But setting a time goal, like four hours spent writing for the week no matter whether it’s one four-hour session, two two-hour sessions or four one-hour sessions, is also perfectly valid.

    Set goals and report on them in the way that works best for you! 🙂


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