#ROW80 mid-week check in (week 5)

This week started really well, I did 1 hour of writing and 10 minutes of research.
I even wrote a dialogue when usually I “place-mark” them.

What I do is that I write the story as a sort of summary and place-mark places where I want to develop the descriptions or where there will be dialogue. That way I can just worry about telling the story and not about how well I am telling it.
I’ll worry on that on the next draft, and about word count, which is scaring me.. I am better at summarizing than developing ideas, but I’m working on it.

I have 1 more hour to get done before the end of the week but it might be slightly difficult considering my retreat is coming to an end so I have two more busy days then on Saturday I am supposed to be packing and going to the airport.
I have a night time flight from Brasilia to Lisbon (9 hours), then 3 hours in Lisbon and 2 more on a plane to get close to getting home (then it’s an hour by car).

All these details just to say that there’s a good chance I get some writing done at some point but who knows how much? It’ll all depend on whether I sleep on the plane! 😉
I’ll try to post my update on time Sunday, if I can find my brain in the luggages!


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