#ROW80 mid-week check-in (week 6)

Hello people!

I am back home and, although I blatantly missed last week goal, I have started on a higher note this time: I wrote 50 minutes today!
I have 1:10 hour left until Sunday, which should be fine since I am almost back into my everyday routine.

The story is going well, I just reached a major plot moment with a big revelation from the hero… It’s really exciting! Now I am getting towards the end so the action will intensify… I hope I will be fine writing it!

The romantic part is being hinted at so far, I think I might end up with the couple getting together right at the end of the story… which is annoying because I wanted to write some steamy scenes but won’t have much time for them! I guess I have always the “short stories on the website” option, right? 😉


3 thoughts on “#ROW80 mid-week check-in (week 6)

    1. Marie Wolf Post author

      Mmh… sequel… I’m not sure, other people from the Shadow World universe are nagging me to get their stories told…
      But I was thinking of a little “Burning Shadows” anthology of short and steamy stories 😉


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