#ROW80 Happy Check-In (Week 6)

Hoorah! Not only did I caught up with the 10 minutes that were missing from last check-in but I wrote over my goal, totalling in the week at 2h20!

I also wrote the big “fight against the bad guy” scene, which was fun. So far it’s a sort of summary but I like it already.
I am reaching the end of the first draft since now all that’s left is for the hero to get the guy. Yes, I mean the guy, did I not mention this was a gay romance? 😉

Next will come the stress of taking this small draft and fluff it into a normal size novel… But let’s not think about it now!


9 thoughts on “#ROW80 Happy Check-In (Week 6)

  1. Cathryn Louis

    Good for you! I like writing fight scenes too – or maybe I like watching movies to study fight scenes. All part of the research. 😉 Good luck this week!

  2. Marie Wolf Post author

    Cathryn, great idea for research! I guess I might have to do this to make sure the scenes make sense… 😉

    Laurel, so do I but unfortunately so far no luck! I think the only one that will be in the story will be at the end! Unless the editing changes that… we’ll see!

  3. Marie Wolf Post author

    Alberta, I’m not sure it’s good! I enjoyed writing it and it seemed ok, for a first draft 😉
    When I get to the edit part, I’ll get a friend to check over it for me to make sure.
    Thanks for all the “well done” comments people, it’s really nice and motivating!

  4. alberta ross

    when blog written – go to ROW80 site clink onto the ‘linky’ link – two parts to it one says words to the effect get your code here – copy and past this code to your blog making sure your blog is in HTML edit mode first – then back to the ‘linky’ link and add your blog – that is prob as clear as mud!!!

  5. deniz

    Congratulations on getting the fight scene done! I always find the action harder to write than the romance…

  6. Marie Wolf Post author

    Thank you all for the comments!
    Alberta, you make sense, I shall have to do it.
    Deniz, I haven’t really written much of either so far so I’m not sure yet!
    Claire, hang in there (just read your blog). And if you can’t write the romantic scenes, how about co-writing with someone else who can? (no, I don’t mean me, I mean a real writer!)
    I guess I’ll post an excerpt of the fight scene once it’s been edited, with “X” and “Y” for the names to keep the spoilers away! lol


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