Novel length?

As you know, I’m doing the ROW80 challenge.
My goal so far is to write 2 hours a week on my current Work In Project (“Shadow World: Coming Out”).
This is going rather well and I am reaching the end of my first draft. Awesome, right? Maybe not…

My draft stands, so far, below the 6 000 words mark…

I’ve just done some research and, although Wikipedia says here that a novel can be anything above 50 000 words, I have read several time already that it’s most likely going to be between 70 and 100 000 words (around 90 000 words for Urban Fantasy).

This means I need to time my word count by 10 at the minimum!
I know I am merely writing a “summary” of the story so far and that I am going to fluff it out (with descriptions and dialogues) but even so…I am not even sure this is possible.
If I can’t, I have always the “short story” possibility.

I guess only re-write (2nd draft) will tell.


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