#ROW80 Weekly check-in (week 7)

I reached my 2 hours of writing early on and easily, which I am happy about.
Writing is becoming a priority to me now and also something I very much enjoy doing, almost to the point of “needing” it.

Update on my WIP:
I wrote my sexy scene, after being blocked for a while on finishing it. It will need editing but I’m happy with how it turned out.

I continued the story some more, although not a lot, and did some research for my editing. I have no idea how, but I am suppose to convey Celtic martial arts somehow… It’ll work out, I’ll find a way!

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12 thoughts on “#ROW80 Weekly check-in (week 7)

  1. Cathryn Louis

    Great job on finishing your scene. I struggled with a love scene a while ago. I know how it feels to finally right.

    I didn’t know there was a school of Celtic martial arts. Learned something new.

    Best of luck for this week!

  2. Ben Miller

    Congratulations on making your goal for the week and succeeding with your challenging scene. It seems that making it a priority spurs success and the other way around. Good luck next week!

  3. Marie Wolf Post author

    Thank you all for your encouragement!
    I feel as if I am growing within this craft.
    It’s challenging, but in a fun way, so it makes it easier!

  4. alberta ross

    well done on getting love scene dusted – I find those so hard. I have to produce some martial arts soon and I think thats when I will really slow down!!

  5. Marie Wolf Post author

    Thank you!

    I only “place tagged” the part about the Celtic martial arts, I’ll write it properly later, once I’ve looked into it very seriously…

    Cathryn, I’ll do a post about it. I had no idea either, I can’t even remember how I found out about it! I watched some videos to get the idea of it but writing it is going to be something else all together!

  6. Sharon

    Sounds like the craft has sucked you right in. Welcome to our insanity. LOL

    Nice progress, and congrats on finishing the “sexy scene.” I myself don’t write many of them, and I find them extremely difficult. I’d rather execute a murder scene. LOL (oh, word choice there was no intentional but kinda funny!)

  7. Claire Farrell

    The best part of that post was how keen you are to keep on writing. Getting into that habit and feeling like it’s a real part of your life is a huge part of the battle, congrats!

    Oooh @ the sexy scene – I’m scared of those. LOL.

    I’m sure you’ll figure out the Celtic martial arts once you mull it over. Well done on everything. 🙂

  8. Craig Hansen

    Congrats on overcoming that sexy scene, nailing it down and moving on in your narrative. Not always easy to do, no matter what kind of scene is tripping you up. Good work!

  9. Marie Wolf Post author

    Thank you everyone!
    I am still on first draft, so more struggle with scenes coming up once this is done… But it is all good fun really.
    And anyway, it’s not like I can stop writing…they won’t let me! (the characters, you know…)


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