“The girl in the mirror”

“The girl in the mirror” By Marie Wolf

She looks back, with her smiling green eyes.
Everyone says she’s pretty, even the boys.
Yet, half the time, she’s a lie to all.
Beneath the skin, can you see him?
Can you see the boy with the sad eyes?
Look closely…

When she wears pink, he dresses in black,
When she smiles, he screams in silence.
She pretends the beasts are just children stories,
He longs to run in the night with them.
She’s a peacemaker and peace-keeper,
He’s ready to kill if needed be.

For now she’s having all the fun,
At the centre of the stage of their lives.
But maybe will come a day
When he will refuse to hide away.
If that day comes,
There won’t be a girl in the mirror any more.


3 thoughts on ““The girl in the mirror”

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  2. Ben Miller

    I like your poem, Marie, I like how the dual identities of the person in the poem chase around each other, but you only hint at the answer to your riddle.

  3. Marie Wolf Post author

    Thank you!
    I was inspired again yesterday so I wrote a couple (next one’s planned for today).
    I have a few already written, I might post some old ones at some point.
    I tend to only write poems when my emotions are too strong to deal with, so it’s usually about internal conflict, but often in a fictional/romanticized setting.


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