#ROW80 Sunday update (week 8)

So… I am discovering the wonderful world of editing.
Or rather, I am supposed to discover it.

I’ll admit it, I haven’t really started on it, but I am glad for the break. That way, I can get back into the story with a fresh mind.

I have, however, made a quick “to do” list concerning the edits:

* do all character sheets fully (i.e. w/ physical & mental description)
* check the time-line
* check verb tenses uses (past/present)
* develop scenes (descriptions/dialogues)
* check people and notions are introduced at the right time

So I guess I’ll keep you posted on how the list goes as well as whether I keep up my 2 hours a week working on the WIP.

See how the others participants are doing here


2 thoughts on “#ROW80 Sunday update (week 8)

  1. alberta ross

    If I reach my goal of having 1st draft done by end – I shall be following a list like that!
    have a rest — go back to it refreshed

    keep smiling


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