#ROW80 mid-week check-in (week 9)

Oh. Wow. 1 month left… Scary!

Edits: here’s my list from last week:

* do all character sheets fully (i.e. w/ physical & mental description)
* check the time-line
* check verb tenses uses (past/present)
* develop scenes (descriptions/dialogues)
* check people and notions are introduced at the right time

Then there’s the little notes I took whilst doing the time line about the things I had missed out in the plot in my first draft.
So I guess I have done some background work for the edits and it took me over 1 hour (I’d say a couple all together) so I’m going to say I’ve done my hour of writing.

No more procrastination from now on though, I want to get this as far as I can by the end of the challenge. Oh boy…

Also, any one else is being pestered by other characters than the main ones from the current WIP? I have trouble getting them to wait for their turn…

The challengers


2 thoughts on “#ROW80 mid-week check-in (week 9)

  1. andrewmocete

    I’m getting pestered by the followup to the story I’m writing now. Same characters, but they’re anxious to get to their next adventure. I’m working on it guys!

  2. Ben Miller

    For my current stories, I think I have the opposite problems with my characters. Both of them revolve tightly around a central protagonist. And while there are other characters, I worry that I under-develop them for the sake of probing the recesses of my protagonists’ minds. Much success as you make your edits!


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