#ROW80 Sunday check-in (week 9)

*pats self on back* I’m still hanging in here, yay!

OK, edits: I’m getting there, slowly, developing scenes that I place marked. I only did about 45 minutes this time around, but some of the story is coming together in a better way than it was.

I have a good reason for the short time spent on it (beyond the fact that I just wasn’t inspired):my muse has decided to drop in my lap the first -chronologically speaking- of the Shadow World stories.

Yes, she thought “Hang on, I think you should know about this!” and so I am now frantically writing the 1st draft of “His warrior”, before I forget it. (goldfish memory here)
I’ll tell you more about it in another post but just know it’s based in Celtic times, so well before the setting for “Coming out”.

I’m happy to see this little world coming together, it’s nice. 🙂

Let’s see how my fellow writers are doing


7 thoughts on “#ROW80 Sunday check-in (week 9)

  1. Sharon

    Bushwhacked by the muse. LOL Happens to me all the time. But it sounds like you took the bull by the horns (or is that took the muse by the mind?) and are rockin’ the writing. You gotta write what keeps clamoring to be let out. 😉

  2. alberta ross

    am I being mean I won’t let new tale out onto paper – have locked it up in creative part of brain till Jack is finished with – all you others are bolder than I, methinks – anyway yes pat on back and well done – have fun next week

    1. Marie Wolf Post author

      You’re not mean, but if I don’t write it, I’ll probably forget it (at least partly). So, instead, I have two WIP on the go at once…

      Le 06/03/2011 20:12,

  3. Cathryn Louis

    I’d have to write it also. Part of the reason my progress of the revision outline and storyboard has slowed here at the end is that pieces of story are revising themselves in my head. Have fun this week!

  4. Claire Farrell

    No harm in going with it. Good stories need to be heard and all that. If I feel like I can’t manage two at a time then I just get a few vital scenes down and that tends to appease the muse. 🙂

  5. Ben Miller

    When your muse speaks, it is always best to listen! I find that editing is much like cooking: you see what’s missing and what needs to be added for the blend to be right. I know it can be slow, but you will get it to just where you need it to be.


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