#ROW80 mid-week check-in (week 10)

A quick update:
I did 45 minutes of editing scenes and dialogues on “Coming Out”, I’m quite happy with how it’s going considering it’s my first time editing a story.

My second WIP is on hold, I’ll work on it when I get some inspiration (and get over the fact that I’m tame writing erotic scenes…!)

My fellow ROWers


2 thoughts on “#ROW80 mid-week check-in (week 10)

  1. Madison Leigh

    Good luck with your editing, Marie! Remember, the best way to get inspiration is…. just writing. It’s hard, but if you can sit down and just write ANYTHING, for like five minutes, a lot of times that gets things going and you are able to get back into the parts you are stuck at. As far as the erotic scenes go… the same advice applies. Start writing, even if it sounds really dumb to you. The key to a good erotic scene is to tap into the emotion behind the action. Try to write the scenes from different point of views, even if you are not going to use them in the actual story itself. It helps you to get the whole scene together.

    Good luck!


    1. Marie Wolf Post author

      Thank you for the sound advice! I will try it!
      As for the “tame” comment, it’s because on twitter I chat with really-not-tame writers… One should never compare themselves to others.


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