#ROW80 Week 10 Sunday Check-in

Oh dear… I haven’t had much time for writing this week, managing to get some only tonight, and not using it for my edits of “Coming Out”.
Instead, I spend around 30 to 45 minutes writing on “His Warrior”. I feel I have still done something productive.

I am currently going through “Coming Out” and developing all the scenes that need it. The problem I face usually is that I can’t “visualize” the scene I want to work on.
What I do, when it works, is watching the scene in my mind, listening to the characters, just like if it was a film.
But, if I can’t visualize it, how can I describe it and fit the dialogues?
I am open to suggestions!

My fellow ROWers


4 thoughts on “#ROW80 Week 10 Sunday Check-in

  1. andrewmocete

    Is there any part of the scene you can visualize? Even a small section could get your mind going. Cathryn’s idea is very good too.

  2. Marie Wolf Post author

    Thanks for your suggestions and comments!

    That’s the thing, I can see parts, but not the whole thing.
    I’ve place marked it with a brief description, but now I’m stuck on that and can’t seem to get past it.
    I have managed it on other scenes though, so I’m guessing it just wasn’t the right scene at the right time maybe.

  3. alberta ross

    both sugestions above have worked for me – I’m an untidy writer in that I will write any scene that sugests itself so, if I can’t get a scene in my head I just move on to another somewhere else – if it’s not clear in my head I don’t linger – not everyone is happy with that but it works for me

    good luck and keep smiling


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