#ROW80 mid-week check-in (week 11)

So… I did(about) my 1 hour writing for this start of the week and cleaned up a bit my manuscript -meaning I pasted all the scenes I developed on other files on the actual manuscript.

“Coming Out” is now standing at 11 999 words. Yes, I’m serious… Granted some words are [edit: develop?] still but I will get to the 12 000 when it’s done. I’m not even sure if I should be happy -it’s the longest I’ve ever written – or miffed -I won’t make it to the 50k. (Yes, I was still dreaming…)

Either way, it looks like I could do with a critic partner/beta reader’s outlook to help me finish the last little bits of scenes that need working on.
If anyone is interested in reading a mystery/paranormal/gay romance fiction (with one hot scene, I’m tame) still in progress let me know!

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4 thoughts on “#ROW80 mid-week check-in (week 11)

  1. Katy Bennett

    We start with such a blank canvas and a few ideas that it’s hard to see the finished project. Congrats on finishing the 1st draft. I don’t generally read romance but if you get desperate for someone to look at it give me a shout. I know it can be difficult finding people.

    1. Marie Wolf Post author

      Thanks Katy!

      I emailed it to my best friend. He probably will complain at the “unnecessary” gay sex scene, but he’ll do the job helping with those scenes I’m still not quite sure on. 😉

      Le 16/03/2011 20:26,

    1. Marie Wolf Post author

      You will regardless. You always tell me it’s “unnecessary” :-p
      Also, you have finally found the “comment” feature? Well done dear! :-p


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