Soul Bond, Wolf Mate

Soul Bond, Wolf Mate

*Warning: adult concepts and ideas (>18 only)*

I go to bed
Thinking it’s a normal night
I switch the light off
Hoping to fall asleep soon.

Suddenly I feel it
The pull on our link
The tug on my heart
And you flood my senses.

I feel your desire
Waking mine up.
I feel your hands
Like they were here.

My body turns,
My back arches.
I claw at the bed
and bite the pillow.

You are fully here
Except for your body.
Yet my desire is burning,
My pleasure is rising.

Soon I scream out your name
Knowing you are doing too,
Far away.

Spent, I curl up,
Ready to sleep.
I feel you nudging me,
Settling around me,
And I drift off…


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