#ROW80 1 Final Check-in!

We did it ROWers!

Looking back on this challenge, I am so happy to have participated. It gave me motivation and support; I managed to fully write out WIP 1 and I have started WIP 2. I’ve met great writers along the way too.

Looking over at my first goal setting, I did partially well.
I was aiming for 30k words for “Coming Out” and am now at 12k with more editing coming up. I did finish the first draft though.
The second novel I mentioned in my first post will be written later, as another story came up and need to be done first.

As for the accountable goal, I did manage pretty well the 2 hours writing per week (1 before each check-in). I am really proud of this as it means I manage to organise myself and stick to something I truly want to do.

I will definitely be doing next round.

How about the rest of the ROWers?


7 thoughts on “#ROW80 1 Final Check-in!

  1. CMStewart

    Congratulations, you are on the right track! Yes, organization helps so much (something I need to work on). See you in the next round.


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