Varied enough?

Tonight I got some ideas for the second story in the Shadow World series so I wrote them down.
I’ve had that story in mind for a while but I want to finish at least the first before getting seriously into it.
As I was jotting down those ideas – about the characters and the main plot- I got thinking about the sort of stories I write…

First, I’ve noticed that, in the series ones at least, I start off with the action and the romance and sex only come later. I do sprinkle moments of “Oh My Goddess he’s so hot” through the action, but it doesn’t get serious until towards the end. (“Sex is better after a good dose of adrenaline” said the Bear when I pointed that out to him…)

Second, I was looking at the couples in the stories I have planned so far.
My first story, “Coming Out”, contains a older man – younger man couple; my second story, “His Warrior”, has foster brothers in love then a third man comes in (threesome/ménage anyone?); my third story – second in the series – will have a Female to Male transsexual – (initially straight) man couple with BDSM tendencies…
Then there will be at least one more gay couple and a couple of straight ones.

I am almost forgetting Taylor and Angel, from my short writing spells (which I will be re-working at some point). Taylor is definitely straight and he’s convinced Angel’s a girl. Angel is a (biological) girl but, as is traditional for her race, goes for an androgynous look.

Is this varied enough, I wonder?
Besides the lack of lesbians, that is.
They say “Write what you know” though… 😉

Come and taste the rainbow!


2 thoughts on “Varied enough?

  1. Katja

    “Write what you like.” Is still the best advice IMO. 😀

    But yes, sounds like you have grounds for some interesting stories. Though I oppose the “no lesbians”. Gimme some! (or well, I’ll just write about them myself. :P)

    1. Marie Wolf Post author

      LOL I don’t have anything against them but I’ve never read any and don’t really know how to write those. Maybe I’ll lend you one of my characters though, I think she might be a lesbian…


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