Ménage with a happy ending

I will spare you the rant (I’ll post it on my other blog later) but to summarize what brought this article on:
I read ménage stories from time to time and, after my lucky encounter with my favourite one so far “Coming clean”, I have to say I have been disappointed: they have a “unhappy ending”.

Now, understand I don’t mean stories that are just about a threesome, that’s just (#hot) sex. I mean the ménage with feelings and such. Most of the time, one or more of the protagonists ends up frustrated because the ménage dissolves against their will. And being my sensitive self I feel sad and frustrated too.

OK, sorry, apparently I am not sparing you the rant…
I ranted on twitter last night about it and was told by a published author that her ménage was rejected by three publishers because their readers don’t want an happy ending…
Erm… What? It’s a romance! Happy ending is compulsory! Otherwise it’s erotica and so don’t give me feeling in there which makes me expect one.

This led me to an idea: compiling “the happy ménage list” i.e. a list of ménages with an happy ending.
I already have two m/m/f and one m/m/m. Anyone wants to help me on this, feel free to comment with a title, author and publisher.
Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Ménage with a happy ending

  1. Dana

    Well, Yasmine Galenorn writes paranormal novels with strong romantic elements. HEA isn’t necessarily guaranteed, as the focus isn’t strictly on the romance. But in her Otherworld series, one of her main characters has three husbands. This is working out well despite challenges and they’ve formed tight familial bonds as well as the great sex factor.

    1. Marie Wolf Post author

      The list is on the page of the same name at the top of the blog. I need to work on it, I have been suggested many books over twitter.


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