Catch-up time!

Hello blog!
Do you remember me? I’m your author.
No, I hadn’t disappeared of the face of the earth, just off the blog.

OK, some news on this side of the screen:
I finished “Coming Out”! That is until my critic partner pointed out the revisions needed… I’m working on it.

Whilst waiting for said revision notes, I got thinking about publishing and book cover, hence the little visual I made. That won’t be the cover but I know what I want (if I find a vector to use either free or not too expensive).

I’m going to go for self-publishing, I won’t even try traditional for a few reasons: the story is really short; it’s part of a series and knowing me, there’s a good chance I’ll need to update/revise this one once another or more are done; I really don’t want to write a synopsis (all the writers complaining about it on twitter scared me); I love the idea of designing my book cover and format the ebook (yes I’m crazy!).

I’m also having an #amazonfail moment: they won’t sell kindle ebooks on any of the European stores, except UK but available only to UK customers, but then arbitrary pick an insane amount of VAT to add for us. I am not impressed. I won’t be publishing through them, that’s for sure. Smashword and All Romances ebooks however, yes. (Yes I’m already self-publishing in my dreams…)

And last but not least: it’s Amber Scott’s “Best Seller for a Day” today for “Fierce Dawn”, a wicked paranormal romance. Everything is explained here. (You can find the book on the UK amazon store too)


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