I am not a writer

I pondered a while the title but thought this one should grab your attention.
Please read all the way before giving me the “You write? You’re a writer” comment. :-p

I am not a writer.
Why not?
Because I can’t really write as such: I always had trouble throughout my school years with written assignments because I can summarize other people’s works but not develop my thoughts. Descriptions are not really my strong points either.
As a child, I always had ideas for little stories, but I never finished them…

I am really lucky to have a very patient critic partner (Thanks @katjarinne!) because, otherwise, my current WIP would be just the summary of the actual story.

So why do I write?
Because my imagination, muse and characters have demanded so, and you know how it is: one does not say “No” to them easily. (Or at all)

I don’t think I’m a writer, I think I’m a storyteller in training.


7 thoughts on “I am not a writer

  1. taureanw

    When I saw you’re title I thought, “I am not a writer, I am a recorder of words and a creator of universes.” 🙂

  2. Dana

    It’ll come with time & practice, darlin’. Some writers have trouble with dialogue, others with pacing. You have trouble with description. But seriously, I’d sit & listen to a storyteller all the live-long day rather than put up with many who call themselves writers.

    And to my (so-called) mind it’s fine to write out the story from beginning to end without a lot of description then go back into it, break it down, & flesh it out. It may even be the better for it.

    Question: How do you say “You are sweet and desirable” in French? Because you are. ❤

    1. Marie Wolf Post author

      Thanks, I know it’ll come with practice and I’m fine with it. But I don’t feel like a writer in a way.

      Erm..I’m not sure how to translate “sweet” actually! lol
      Thanks *blush*
      And how do I say “I miss our chats” in English? (yes, I know, it doesn’t work… ) ❤


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