2 male and 1 woman symbols in a heart


Although I haven’t been writing these days – my brain requested a break from everything that wasn’t urgent – I’ve been reading – it’s a matter of life or death ;-).
Now, don’t go thinking all I ever read is ménage stories but, well, it is a big part of it.
Even when I’m not trying to, I end up with ménage in it – the Merry Gentry series for example.

It’s an urban fantasy series, but with quite an erotic sub-theme to it, and with ménage, or polyandry. Although no M/M -so far anyway, I’ve only read the first.
Side question: what is it with urban fantasy and heavy erotic sub-theme?

Anyway, I got wondering: why do so many women like the ménage genre?
Is it the idea of having two hot men looking after you? I admit, it’s a nice idea.
I do have troubles understanding the M/F/M genre though, because all the men I know wouldn’t want to share.

2 male and 1 woman symbols in a heart

M/M/F love

Now, M/M/F, that’s another matter… Not only does the lady gets two men for herself but she gets a show as well, and each man gets everything he likes – providing he’s bi, but then why would it be M/M otherwise?
So, yes, I love my ménage M/M/F.

Labels, a confusing point: too often the category is set as ménage and nowhere do we get more information – as to whether there will be M/M interaction or not.
Also, how would we label a ménage in which one of the men was gay and had only interactions with the other man? That’d be M/M/F as well. As I said, confusing.

Do you like ménage? What’s your favourite type? Do you have a happy ending one to add to my list?


10 thoughts on “Ménage

  1. Katja Rinne

    I Had no idea it was so popular! 😀

    And DAMN! Been trying to Tweet to you several times now and Twitter just gives me error messages.

    Basically was just saying YOU’RE BACK!!!

    1. Marie Wolf Post author

      You seriously had no idea it was? Check the amount of ménage romance being released lately, it’s quite a lot.
      Or maybe that’s just because that’s where I’m looking? (No, I AM NOT obsessed… at all… OK, maybe a bit…)

      1. Katja Rinne

        Hm. I guess it all comes down to what you’re looking for. Guess there’s loads of books about everything.

        Why is it called Menage? Why not just polyamorous or polyromance or just poly?

        And btw. if the m/m/f m/f/m depends on who plays with whom, how do you mark something where everyone plays with everyone in the threeway? 😀

        I got to admit, I’m bad at answering emails. :/ I feel I need to somehow thing more about what to write and have something meaningful to say. And I rarely do.

  2. Marie Wolf Post author

    (ah, 3 answers max rule)
    I have no idea why ménage rather than poly. I guess because it comes from “ménage à trois” meaning a relationship between 3 people. The term stuck, regardless of the amount of people involved.
    And, for some reason, M/M/F means everyone with everyone, where M/F/M means no M/M interaction. It would make more sense to specify if there are some interactions that are not happening, and not specify in the other case.

    As for the email, I sometimes feel like that too, but don’t worry, if you write to me, see it as sending a tweet via email! Ok, slightly longer maybe, a tweet with deck.ly activated lol

    1. Katja Rinne

      Gah, stupid Twitter doesn’t let me DM either. I’ll send you some links through email. 😛

      And ok, so M/M/F means everything, but what if the other guy doesn’t want to go all happy with the woman? How would it then be? F/M/M?

      1. Marie Wolf Post author

        That’s twitter forcing you to email me so that I can carry on with my “twitter rehab”. :-p

        That’s exactly my question in the post. I have no idea, maybe because, so far, that’s not happened? I don’t know, I’m guessing here but if ménage is written for women, then there are either 3 men (more eye candy) or 2 men for the lady.

        And now I have this idea to go and write one where one of the guy is gay, just to mess with the labels…

  3. Katja Rinne

    You need to allow more than two replies per comment! 😀

    And yes, I could imagine you writing that so go for it. Don’t bother thinking about labels. Self-pubbing is amazing for that very reason, that you don’t have to think what publishers want.

    I got an idea about this however so might be some F/F/M action in Heiress. (I guess that haven’t really either happened that much in legacy pubbing?)

    The unhappy endings you mention really puzzle me. Why would majority of readers want an unhappy ending? Doesn’t make sense.

    1. Marie Wolf Post author

      I don’t think I can for the comments.

      I am considering self-pubbing, I write odd length stories and I’ll probably be doing gay and straight stories in the same series so I’d have no idea where to sub it!

      F/F/M has in, no contact between one woman and the man? I’m not really into F/F so I don’t know, but in big romance places I haven’t seen F/F/M. It might exist though.

      The mystery of unhappy ending ménage: some I read were erotica, meaning no happy ending required. I get that, but when the story feels like the happy ending is coming and it doesn’t, I feel frustrated -along with one or more of the characters. This said, I read erotica with a surprising “the relationship might carry on” ending.

      1. Katja Rinne

        No no, F/F/M as in all have fun. If M/M/F means all are in it, shouldn’t F/F/M mean the same? I don’t know. your troix w/e confuses me. 😀

        And isn’t this the old disqus system? I have the option of how many replies in my disqus system. Though I use the new style.

        1. Marie Wolf Post author

          No, It’s wordpress and I changed it, now we can go as far as 10 comments!

          OK, I get what you mean. See, it gets confusing, how do you explain a F/F with F/M as well?
          And “w/e”? (Also, we are spamming my comments, aren’t we? :-D)


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