Shadow World 1: Coming Out (PDF)

I thought that, since this is -more or less- done, I could put it up here as a PDF file for you to enjoy.

So, here is the first story in the Shadow World universe.

I hope you enjoy, critics are of course welcome.

[Warning: MM, +18 scène]

Shadow World is hidden from the view of humans. Not an actual place, it describes what humans would call “fairy tale creatures”; from shifters to Faes, and even magicians.

The human governments, however, know of them and have allowed the creation of “Special Investigation Teams” to keep the Shadow World hidden. One of these teams is based in London.

There works Henry, or Harry to his friends, a magician. One day, going through old books in the archives, he finds a parchment which is about to turn his world upside down.

Shadow World 1: Coming Out (edited)


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