Mini Harry Potter Fanfic – “Overheard”

I have been playing Pottermore – finally – and it inspired me this tonight (after hearing strange noises outside).

At the table next to me, two men were talking.
One of them had a newspaper with moving pictures. I guessed it was one of those pictures that make you see different views when you move it.

“See, I knew it was a mistake to let that… woman… write those books! Now we’re in danger every day of a breach of the secrecy decree! Those muggles children are even more alert and watching our every move!”

Muggle? Secrecy decree? Those men must be part of a secret group and using code words, or maybe part of a sect. They look like they could, considering the clothes they wore. Being hippy-ish myself, I don’t mind, but I feel for them: wearing long robes do bring strange looks from people.

“Calm down” said the other one “Most kids think Harry Potter is a fictional character. Of course they would love for it all to be real, like fairytale, but they know it’s just a dream.”

Harry Potter? Fairytale? OK, now I’m definitely eavesdropping!

“But you know fully well they are real, and that’s the problem!” The first man was talking loud enough now for me to start breathing again – I’d stopped to make sure I could hear them.

He’d just said what? Seriously?

Unfortunately, his friend hushed him, looked around and dragged him out of the tea shop.


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