One of my writing offices...

One of my writing offices...

About the writer:

“Marie Wolf” is the nickname under which I choose to pen the Shadow World stories. I have created not long ago this little world and I love it already.
I have always written one way or another, mostly short poems when I was younger, but deciding to write a story completely is a real challenge for me, which is why I have decided to do the ROW80 challenge. That way I know I am not alone!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Bradley Howington

    Sounds fun, Marie! Creating another world is hard work. How do you keep yourself together? You have this world on your shoulders. I’m just messing with you. 🙂 Emma sounds like a great character. And you look very comfortable in that photo! 😀

  2. Marie Wolf

    Well, I didn’t have a choice in the matter: Shadow World made itself known to me and said “Write about me! Now!” 😉
    Emma is great, although I don’t know her much. You see, I started to write her story but Harry hijacked it. So her story will have to wait for a bit. She doesn’t mind though, unlike others *glare at characters*

    Writing is a difficult business in my house. I have a cat, as you can see, and she’s rather possessive of me, or rather of my knees, so managing to hold the laptop comfortably and have the cat happy at the same time requires creativity. I manage most of the time. 😉

    1. Bradley Howington

      Glad Shadow World jumped out at you and said write me now! I do that a lot. Maybe that is part of my constant thinking that I just can’t seem to get to go away. But I enjoy it mostly. Without it I’d have no writing ideas, right? 😉 So I need to hold onto it! This reminded me, I have three short stories I am working on. Haha! I restored the one from the recycle bin. Antonio is glad I did! 😉

      I know what you mean when you say possessive. Jake (my dog) can be possessive at times. But he knows when to calm down. Haha. 😀

      1. Marie Wolf Post author

        I have one story in editing stages, one that is outlined and started, one that is still a vague idea, and that’s just for Shadow World (and there are 2 more planned!).
        Then last night I got a full (short) story in my head that’s pestering me so I’m going to write it down. I’ll see what I do with it afterwards.

        I bet your characters are happy! I hope they can be patient, for your sake. 😉

        Isabelle (AKA Moune), kitty girl, doesn’t know when to stop, day or night. If she wants attention, she’ll scream until she gets it… I am still looking for the “mute” button!

  3. Bradley Howington

    I need to sleep. Then work on my story. I have been up all night. Haha. I am about to fall asleep at the desk. 😦 My characters are only happy if they are killing someone. 😀

  4. Jonathan Gould

    Hi Marie,

    You didn’t leave an email when you posted to my blog re the Blog Tour de Troops.

    Please contact me so I can forward book details.

    Thanks for supporting the event.

  5. Terri Giuliano Long

    Hi Marie,

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog in support of Blog Tour de Troops! I really appreciate your support!!

    If you’d like a free e-book, please let me know: terri @ tglong DOT com

    All the best,

    Terri Giuliano Long
    In Leah’s Wake


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