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Start of a new fanfic

I am working on a new Harry Potter fanfic “Loving Lessons” and I decided to start to post it even though it’s not finished.

It’s rated PG-13 (for now anyway) and it’s about a kind Muggle Studies teacher who decides to help the teenagers with their self-love/hate problems, with the help of Lily Evans. It’s set in the Marauders’ era and is (of course) alternate universe.



Fanfiction and news

I have finally taken some time to have a look and realise it was done so… Muggle Magic part 2 is posted here !

Next, I intend to keep working on Shadow World, it’s just a matter of organisation (business closing down, a webzine to translate and write for, house work, health being what it is…)
I’m counting on the dark months to make me want to spend more time writing since I can’t go outside much (too windy!)

“Two sides of a coin” – HP inspired

” I chose to rebel against the path imposed to me.
You chose to force yourself to fit where you weren’t meant to.

I lived my life in the light, cherishing what I had made of it.
You lived your life in the shadows, hiding everything you did.

I died protecting those I loved.
You died following orders.

Light and dark are two sides of the same coin. ”

Sirius Black to Severus Snape.

New “short story” up!

It’s not really “short” since it’s 12. 454 words long “so far”, but the first part of “Muggle Magic” is up!

Go read, enjoy, comment, etc.!

It hasn’t been much beta read, too, so please do point out anything you feel should be “bettered”. Thank you.