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In my head, Paradise.
In front of my open eyes,
you, just an image
That makes me smile.

*Inspired by the song “Paradise” by Coldplay and the young woman who made me discover it*


“Craving your touch”

Does it matter what I am
Whether I’m a girl or a boy?
I am dying for love
Craving your touch
Needing you close
My heart breaking
Into smaller and smaller pieces
The more I wait and hope
The hope that my dreams are
More than just that
Are keeping me alive
Praying you’ll break that spell

*written on 15/11/11



Tonight I feel my wings again
Tonight I know I can fly again
The moon is full, let me reach it.
Who said wolves couldn’t fly?

My mind is already gone,
Let my body join it high.
Soaring over the land,
Leaving the pain behind.

I wish you were here to fly with me
But I lost you lives ago.
I haven’t stopped looking
But my search hasn’t been lucky yet.

Every full moon,
My wings open again.
I fly alone but really
I just hope you’ll join me.

Whoever said angels weren’t real
Hasn’t met us yet.
One day we’ll join again
And the world will wake up.

Until then, I fly alone under the moon.

Marie Wolf
17 April 2011