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#ROW80 Check-in Week 2

I did 20 minutes of writing just now on “His Warrior”.
I think I’m finally getting back into creating, which means the muse is back from their break.

Now all I need to do is making more time for it… I’ll get there, eventually.

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#ROW80 mid-week check-in (week 2)

I just did my 30 minutes without any problem and edited a scene. Finally. Let’s hope this keeps up.

I’m still getting my head around my schedule, hence my total lack of ROW commenting and I apologize. Work has been picking up so I’ve been busy on that front, and then there’s life as well, kidnapping me from time to time…

I hope you are all hanging in there though!

#ROW80 Sunday update (week 1)

A little paradox this time: although I did 1 hour of edits on Thursday, I’m going to take my goal down to minimum 30 minutes at some point before each check-in.

I have two reasons: the first is that I have too much on at the same time at the moment.
The second is that I am struggling to get back into the story and develop/rewrite the scenes that need it.
The week long break before the new round didn’t help it seems…

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#ROW80 mid-week check-in week 1


I failed at my goal, I only managed to do 20 minutes today before connecting again on the net to ask for something and got stuck on it.

I’ve been making a weekly schedule for everything I have to do (work, writing, my Druidic course, housework…) but I’m still getting into it so it didn’t fully work this time.

However, I’m getting the background sorted out in a clearer way. I did the magic system last night, with help from The Four Part Land’s blog posts on it.

Next will be the different races, I want to develop what I have already done.

How are my fellow ROWers doing so far?

#ROW80 Round 2!

Here we go again, starting on the 4th of April!
This round my goal will be again 1 hour before each check-in.

However, this time I am working on two WIPs:
1. “Coming Out” is in the editing stages and, thanks to two wonderful beta readers, I now have a lot of work to do to make it “perfect”.
2. “His Warrior” is in first draft and I want to finish it.

The other ROWers this time around

#ROW80 Check-in Week 11 & my writing process

I wrote between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 on “His Warrior”. I’m really happy with the way it’s going.

I had quite a surprise last night when I realised that, in fact, I was far from finished editing “Coming Out”. I need to develop more of it. I guess I know what’s my goal next round then!

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