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The blog is under work at the moment, I reposted one HP fanfic as articles to make it more visible but now I have the last posted = last part so I need to play around with posts’ orders.
The rest of the fanfics will come back, as articles too, so if you’ve missed any, don’t fret.

In other news, I’ve been slowly making my way through my edits and rewrites for Shadow World prologue et 1st novella.

That’s all for now, Wolfy’s out for the night.


Romance Vs Real Life

Today is one of those days when I need to get some things off my chest.
I picked the “Romance (books/stories) Vs Real Life” theme as it hits home.
I won’t go into details but lets just say those tweets (as they initially were) stem from my own experience.
I don’t mean this is everyone’s reality either, just that sometimes Romance is how we wish our Real Life was like.
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Book preview

I apologise if you thought it was about one of my books because it’s not.
I am still working on my stories.

However my friend Elizabeth Marcellin has a book out and I talk about it and give you a preview over at Bradley Howington’s blog.

Hop over there, read the excerpt, leave us a comment… and don’t forget to check out the rest of the blog!

It’s happening here.