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I have finally taken some time to have a look and realise it was done so… Muggle Magic part 2 is posted here !

Next, I intend to keep working on Shadow World, it’s just a matter of organisation (business closing down, a webzine to translate and write for, house work, health being what it is…)
I’m counting on the dark months to make me want to spend more time writing since I can’t go outside much (too windy!)

Declan MacRae


Erm… Hello?

Anyone here?

I’m still around… just finally got back to writing.
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Shadow World 1: Coming Out (PDF)

I thought that, since this is -more or less- done, I could put it up here as a PDF file for you to enjoy.

So, here is the first story in the Shadow World universe.

I hope you enjoy, critics are of course welcome.

[Warning: MM, +18 scène]

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New “short story” up!

It’s not really “short” since it’s 12. 454 words long “so far”, but the first part of “Muggle Magic” is up!

Go read, enjoy, comment, etc.!

It hasn’t been much beta read, too, so please do point out anything you feel should be “bettered”. Thank you.

I’m not dead!

Hello blog!

I am not dead!

I haven’t been working on Shadow World stories these days but I’m back to writing. I am going through an Harry Potter obsession these days and so have decided to write a fanfic – since that’s pretty much all I read these days… Oh Severus and Sirius, how do I love you… Erm… Sorry about that…
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