The next day, once she had some free time, she went down to the edge of the forest, where she knew no students would be, and changed shape again. At once, she noticed many smells she never had before, noises of animals… She sat on the floor and listened and smelled for what felt like hours, too scared to actually go further in the forest.

After dinner, professor Snape caught up with her as she was walking back to her room.

“It seems that I am to babysit you tomorrow. You will come to my office right after breakfast. And I’m warning you: I have no intention of spending the day shopping.”

Alex was surprised at his choice of words but she woke up soon enough “Oh, don’t worry, I hate shopping. I mean, it’s not like I can find adult clothes my size anyway. Why do you think I insisted to get my stuff sent to me?” Refraining from laughing at Snape’s bemused expression she finished “I see you tomorrow then, goodnight!” And went back to her room, laughing inwardly.


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