She was standing in her kitchen, pondering what to have for lunch, when the panic started. She tried a few deep breaths to calm herself, to no avail; then followed the flashes of images and the cries for help. That’s when she realised she was feeling someone else’s fear, again.

She tried to do what her mother had taught her: send them love and energy. There wasn’t anything else she could do. She felt sudden pain, open her mouth to scream, and everything went dizzy.

A second later she was standing in a street, in broad daylight. A man dressed in black with a mask was holding a wand out and pointing at a woman who lay on the floor. “Crucio” she heard, and the pain and screams started again.

She held out her hand towards the man, not thinking, and screamed “Stop!” The man was flung backwards. He sat on the floor and said something she didn’t hear. Another man in black, who had been watching the scene, reached her, grabbed her arms, murmured “You’re safe with me” and she felt the dizziness again as their surroundings disappeared.


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