The next day went rather quickly as all the muggle studies classes were really interesting now that they had started covering religions and spirituality. It turned out that many wizarding families didn’t follow a religion, so the conversation was much calmer than it would have been with muggles.

Soon enough it was time for dinner and the transfiguration lesson with Professor McGonagall.

“Did you take your potion last night? No more than four drops.”

“Professor Snape said three drops…”

“Well, usually it’s two for children and four for an adult; I wonder why he changed it.”

“It could be because I’m smaller than an adult but not really a child either?” said Alex, realising that Snape did take it into consideration after all.

“It could be. Now, let’s see… I’d like you to try and call the wolf to you like you would in one of your…meditations.”

Alex stood up, closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to feel the wolf. First, she had the feeling of teeth, then claws, and suddenly she felt what she had felt that night.

“Oh! I wasn’t expecting you to succeed in your first trial! I guess now we will see if you can change back or if you need my help.”

The young woman, now a young wolf, padded a bit around the room before settling again and closing her eyes. Soon she was standing on two feet again.

“I really didn’t think it be so easy! I read about it and it seemed so complex…”

“I have to say I am extremely surprised. I will have to talk with the headmaster about this. Would you like to try once more?”

Not bothering to reply, she changed into a wolf and padded around the room again, getting used to smelling differently. Then she changed back, just as easily.

“This is both a good thing and worrying to see you doing it so easily. If it just takes you to imagine the wolf then what happened the other night might do again. I think taking the potion would still be a good idea, until we understand this better. I wouldn’t want you to stay stuck because of a nightmare for example.”

“Yes, that sounds like something that could happen to me… I’ll see you again tomorrow night then, Professor.”

“Yes, and I shall speak with the headmaster in the meantime. Goodnight.”



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