Tales of Vesperia – “You should have known better”

« You should have known better »

Rating: M, R, NC-17

Pairing: Flynn/Yuri, Raven/Yuri, ménage

Setting: after the end of ToV

Summary: Tales of Vesperia, set after the end of the Game. Flynn and Raven have been worrying about Yuri and are going to teach him a lesson.

Disclaimer: I do not own the story, the characters or anything to do with Tales of Vesperia. I am just playing with the characters. I don’t make money from this either.


Raven had been writing to Flynn for quite a while, although sporadically, to keep him informed of how Yuri was doing. Now that the blastias were useless, the guild was travelling the world helping to keep the towns safe from the monsters. He had written a week ago to warn Flynn they were on their way to Hallure, to visit Estellise.

It had been easy enough for Flynn to take a few days off to go to visit the Princess. By the time the guild reached Hallure, he was already there. Yuri seemed nicely surprised to see his old friend here, and so did the rest of the guild. Raven, luckily, was a good actor and played the surprised man quite well.

After a nice evening meal under the tree, Flynn and Yuri went off for a walk under the stars, just at the periphery of the town. Everyone else was too tired to join them and went to bed. Since there were many people in town, due to the blooming of the tree, the two men, Repede and Raven had decided to sleep in tents that night.

“I am glad to see you’re doing well, Yuri. I have been worried for you, you know?” Flynn stopped walking and looked into his friend’s dark eyes.

“Come on!” Laughed Yuri “After what we went through with Tarquaron, you still worry for me?”

Flynn was looking serious now “I know what you do now is not as dangerous. But I guess not having as much news from you as I used to is getting me more worried.” Flynn breached the few steps between Yuri and him and took hold of his arm “You are going to have to pay for all the worries you’ve given me.”

Before Yuri could answer, his arms were seized from behind. He turned his head to see Raven standing right behind him with a wicked grin. “Sorry Yuri, but Flynn’s right, you are going to pay.”

Yuri looked utterly confused, looking from one to the other of his friends “What are you two going on about? What do you mean “paying for the worries I gave you”?”

“Well, you see Yuri” started Raven with a seductive smile “Flynn and I rather…like you and we have been worrying about you for a while.”

“Without Raven’s letters I would have come to get you earlier but he assured me you were safe.” Flynn joined in “But we both decided we had quite enough worries. We are going to give you a lesson you will remember, so that next time you’ll know better than to worry us.” On those words, each man took one arm and led Yuri to Flynn’s tent, set up away from the habitations.

Yuri, utterly confused, had let himself being led to the tent. Once in, he just stood there, seemingly processing all the information his friends had given him. Slowly he turned to face Raven “How long have you been writing to Flynn? And what lesson? A fight against the two of you?”

Flynn and Raven looked at each other and the Commandant nodded once. As he made his way behind Yuri towards the far end of the tent, Raven explained: “We have been in touch ever since the end of Tarquaron, since we started our travels to offers the services of our guilds to the towns. As for the punishment we have planned for you, you will find out soon enough.”


On those words, Flynn put a blindfold over Yuri’s eyes and tied it behind his head “You are not allowed to take it off.” Yuri turned his head towards his friend and whispered “ok”. He seemed to not even consider fighting. Flynn turned him around and guided him to the end of the tent. There, he pushed him down on what felt like a couch. Soon, he could feel the two men kneeling on each side of him, taking his shoes off.

“What are you two doing?” Yuri sounded confused and disorientated, maybe a bit nervous too.

The two men chuckled and Raven, sounding his seductive self, told him “Just relax, baby, Don’t you trust us?”

“Yea, I do. It’s just…”

Flynn didn’t let him finish “Tonight you will entrust us with your care, Yuri Lowell. It’s an order.”

With that, both men sat on either side of him and started untying the sash around his waist. Then, he felt hands caressing his chest and he felt himself blush as his two friends, caressing his skin, took his shirt off. The hands travelled down to his pants and undid them. One man pulled him back against himself as the other took his pants off. Yuri was about to protest when he felt a mouth close over his. He stayed stunned for a few seconds, until he relaxed and started responding to the kiss. He heard noises of clothing being taken off and thrown on the floor and the second man returned on the bed.

“Seeing the two of you kissing, the blond and the brunette, is like a dream come true.” Yuri jumped, realising that, if it was Raven talking now, it must have been Flynn kissing him. Which meant Raven was now naked and pulling him off Flynn. He decided to dare it all and put his arms around the neck of the older man, and was rewarded by a kiss, followed by nips and kisses on his neck. He couldn’t refrain the moan that escaped his lips, making his best friend chuckle.

“I have always wondered why you were single Yuri, I guess now we know!” joked Flynn as he made his way back on the bed, behind Yuri. His hands found their way on Yuri’s shoulders, then down his back and around his sides. Whilst Raven kept kissing him passionately and stroking his tights, Flynn kissed his shoulders whilst he caressed his chest, lowering his hands slowly and teasingly.

Yuri was getting aroused by the situation; he was buckling his hips, desperately trying to get Raven’s hands higher on his thighs. Seeing this, both men stopped their caresses. Yuri moaned in frustration but didn’t dare asking anything.

Raven and Flynn shared a look and moved together, lying Yuri on the couch as they moved off it. Whilst Raven kept one hand on his stomach –the other one stroking himself slowly- to keep him from having the idea of moving, should he have it, Flynn moved away. Yuri stayed still, waiting, still panting slightly from his arousal.


Flynn came back with ties, which got Raven even more exited. He took hold of Yuri’s hands and pulled them above his head, so that his wrists were close to the side of the bed. Flynn tied them together then looped the ties around the bed, securing them in place. Yuri tried to move his arms, pointlessly. “What are you doing?” He sounded worried now “Flynn?!”

Flynn was standing by the bed, next to Raven and just as hard, looking down at his naked childhood friend. Raven moved behind him and, kissing his neck, whispered –loud enough for Yuri to hear- “I think you should be first, you have waited long enough for this.”

Yuri strained on his bond, his head turned in the direction of the voices, leaning against his arm. “First for what?” He whispered. Flynn traced a path from his neck to his navel with a finger, replying simply “Taking you.” Yuri gasped, his cheeks reddening. “Taking…me?” Flynn moved to straddle him; he lowered himself towards his mouth and said “I am going to take you and you are going to love it. I promise.” With that, he passionately kissed him, as Yuri arched his back and moaned in need.

Raven spoke, breaking the spell “What Flynn hasn’t said was that, since this is your punishment, we are going to make you beg for your release.”

As Flynn broke the kiss, Yuri spluttered “Wha..What?!” No one replied. Instead, Flynn kissed his jaw, his neck, down to his chest, all the way down to his stomach. He only paused briefly whilst he positioned himself between his lover’s legs, then his mouth found its way again on Yuri’s lower stomach, whilst his hands stroked his tights. Flynn teased him with light kisses on his throbbing hard member and Yuri moaned his name, clearly wanting more.

“Watching you two is such a sight” Raven’s lust could be heard in his voice. He caressed Flynn’s hair, which distracted him for a moment. The soldier turned his head towards Raven and kissed his stomach, getting the man to moan appreciatively. “Flynn… Taste me!” Yuri gasped and strained on his bonds again as Flynn obliged. “What is it, Yuri? Are you jealous? Mmh…Flynn… Yes, like this…” Flynn’s mouth was now around Raven’s hard member, moving up and down, sometimes stopping and nibbling teasingly his head. Yuri was trying desperately to find a way out of his restrains. “Yuri, what do you want?” asked Raven, sounding slightly breathless. “I want to see…Please!”

Flynn stopped his caresses and looked up at Raven “What do you think?” Raven grinned at him “I think it would increase his torture.” With that, he moved to the head of the bed and took the blindfold off. Yuri blinked a few times and looked down, towards Flynn. His friend was sitting on his heels between his legs, one hand on his own hard cock. Yuri blushed, seeing himself exposed like this. Raven lowered himself and whispered in his ear “Isn’t he beautiful?” Yuri barely nodded “Watch him as he pleasures me with his mouth, it’s even better.” With that taunt, Raven made his way back to the foot of the bed, where Flynn was waiting.

Flynn glanced at Yuri, as if checking he was watching, and went back to teasing and pleasing Raven with his mouth. Watching the older man arch his back and moan in pleasure, one hand in the blonde’s hair, and the blonde stroke himself as he pleasured the other man got Yuri even harder.

“Flynn…I’m so close…” moaned Raven. Flynn sped up slightly his moves. When the man arched his back moaning loudly, Yuri moaned in need, his erection throbbing painfully.


Flynn pulled back, coughing. “Are you ok?” Asked a concerned Raven. “Yea, I’m just not used to it.” Flynn was blushing. “It didn’t feel like it. That was…amazing.” Raven looked happy. He made his way on the other side of the bed and lied next to Yuri. “Your friend is very agile with his mouth” Raven was lazily caressing Yuri’s chest and stomach, getting the young man to arch his hips in hope of more.

Flynn had gone briefly and was now settling back between Yuri’s legs, looking at the two men, smiling. He was holding a small bottle in his hand. Yuri watched, mesmerized, as his friend poured some of the liquid on his fingers and on his hard member. When Yuri felt his friend’s cold fingers against his tight entrance, he jumped slightly. Raven kissed and nibbled his neck, slowly stroking his erection, whilst Flynn prepared him.

Yuri was lost in so many sensations, the sweetness of Raven’s kisses, and the warmth of his hand caressing him, the pain and pleasure of Flynn’s fingers inside him. When he pulled out, Yuri moaned in frustration, missing them already. Soon enough, they were replaced by Flynn’s hard member. When he positioned himself, he looked straight into Yuri’s eyes and pushed himself in.

Yuri’s back arched as he cried out in pain. “Flynn!” Flynn lowered himself “I’m sorry, relax, the pain will go, I promise.” Raven stroked him more teasingly, making him forget the pain. The two men were kissing him, his lips, his neck, as Flynn pushed himself slowly in. Soon, Yuri wasn’t moaning in pain anymore. He started meeting Flynn’s moves, panting, asking for more.

Raven stopped stroking him, pulling back to watch the two men. Flynn was on top, between Yuri’s legs pushed back, concentrating on pleasuring his friend as much as himself. Suddenly Yuri screamed out, arching his back. Flynn looked victorious “Found it!” From that moment, Yuri turned into a puddle of pleasure. He was moaning Flynn’s name, asking for more, his head moving from side to side, his back arched.

“Yuri…This is so good! Your heat…Your tightness… I won’t last much longer!” It was Flynn’s turn to moan. “Flynn… I want…Aah… More…Please!” Flynn was losing his resolve at punishing his friend “Do you…want to come?” Yuri looked at him, surprised “I…Yes, please!” Flynn glanced at Raven, who just smiled at him, his hand finding its way back around Yuri’s painful erection.

“Flynn…Harder…” Flynn looked surprised but was happy to oblige. Soon enough, Yuri cried out his name as he came over his stomach and Raven’s hand. Seeing Yuri’s ecstatic face and feeling his body tense around him set him off. Arching his back, Flynn came hard, crying out his friend’s name. He collapsed on Yuri, spent.

Raven pulled up a blanket on them, then untied Yuri’s hands. “Don’t think your punishment’s over, I haven’t had my go yet. Take a rest, you’ll need it.” Yuri didn’t even bother replying and, holding Flynn who had settled half on and half next to him, he dozed off happily.


Yuri woke up rather confused. He was hot and appeared to have a body on top of him. Suddenly the events of the previous night, along with the pain in his muscles, wrists and ass, came back. He groaned at the strain in his legs and arms as he shifted from under Flynn and settled on his left side. Soon, however, he regretted moving. Raven embraced him from behind, pushing his hardness into his lower back.

“Hello, lover” whispered Raven “How about some morning fun?” He started nibbling on the younger man’s ear, then kissing his neck whilst his hand caressed his chest, making its way down towards his “morning wood”. Yuri, although not up to it at first, abandoned himself to the caresses, moaning softly.

Flynn woke up to the sighs of arousal coming from the two men. “Now there’s a great way to wake up!” He kissed each man in turn, a long and tender kiss, Raven first then Yuri. Remembering that Raven had not had his share of fun the previous night, He pulled Yuri over himself, so that he was straddling him. They kissed passionately whilst their hands roamed over each other, as Raven positioned himself behind Yuri.

Taking advantage of Yuri’s arousal, he got some lubricant on his fingers and pushed a finger inside him, getting him to jump in slight pain. The pain was soon gone as Raven’s masterful strokes got him asking for more. Raven enjoyed the begging for a little while before answering it.

When his fingers were replaced by his hard member, Yuri screamed in pain. Flynn shushed him with a kiss and caressed him, taking his mind off the pain as Raven worked his way in. Soon enough, the young man was moaning in arousal, pleasure and need.

Raven’s hands were on his hips, pulling him towards him in every stroke he made. Yuri was now pushing back and meeting him, moaning incoherently in pleasure. Flynn was stroking both of them, one hand for each. Soon Yuri’s head was thrown backwards as he screamed in orgasm. His pleasure sent the other two over the edge too.

They all collapsed in a tangled pile on the bed, spent and sticky. They were high from the pleasure and too tired to care. One of them found the blanket and pulled it back over them as they all nestled into each other to sleep.

Before drifting off, Yuri whispered “I think I might worry you again”

“The hell you will. We won’t leave you out of our sight for long from now on.” Replied Raven

“That’s not fair for me. Commandant duty keeps me too busy…” complained Flynn.

“We’ll find a way. Love always does, right?” On those comforting words, Yuri hugged tighter the two men of his heart and drifted in a peaceful sleep.


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