In my head, Paradise.
In front of my open eyes,
you, just an image
That makes me smile.

*Inspired by the song “Paradise” by Coldplay and the young woman who made me discover it*


“Craving your touch”

Does it matter what I am
Whether I’m a girl or a boy?
I am dying for love
Craving your touch
Needing you close
My heart breaking
Into smaller and smaller pieces
The more I wait and hope
The hope that my dreams are
More than just that
Are keeping me alive
Praying you’ll break that spell

*written on 15/11/11

Romance Vs Real Life

Today is one of those days when I need to get some things off my chest.
I picked the “Romance (books/stories) Vs Real Life” theme as it hits home.
I won’t go into details but lets just say those tweets (as they initially were) stem from my own experience.
I don’t mean this is everyone’s reality either, just that sometimes Romance is how we wish our Real Life was like.
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“Two sides of a coin” – HP inspired

” I chose to rebel against the path imposed to me.
You chose to force yourself to fit where you weren’t meant to.

I lived my life in the light, cherishing what I had made of it.
You lived your life in the shadows, hiding everything you did.

I died protecting those I loved.
You died following orders.

Light and dark are two sides of the same coin. ”

Sirius Black to Severus Snape.

Shadow World 1: Coming Out (PDF)

I thought that, since this is -more or less- done, I could put it up here as a PDF file for you to enjoy.

So, here is the first story in the Shadow World universe.

I hope you enjoy, critics are of course welcome.

[Warning: MM, +18 scène]

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New “short story” up!

It’s not really “short” since it’s 12. 454 words long “so far”, but the first part of “Muggle Magic” is up!

Go read, enjoy, comment, etc.!

It hasn’t been much beta read, too, so please do point out anything you feel should be “bettered”. Thank you.