Shadow World

About Shadow World:

Shadow World logo

Shadow World logo

As Emma, one of my characters, said: “This is how we call the paranormal side of the world, because we watch the humans from the shadows of the world.”

Amongst the Shadow World races can be found:
-Many different types of Shifters (wolf, lynx, …)
-The Fairy races: the Faes (who are sometimes called elves by humans) , the Pixies and the Leprechauns
-The Nymphs : cousins of the fairy races, they are the Dryads, Mermaids, Naiads, Sylphes.
– The Trolls: the cousins the other races wish they didn’t have
-The Psychic (vampires): they feed of energy and have psychic abilities such as mind-reading.
– The Magicians: the race physically the closest to the humans, they have magical abilities

For now many of the stories I am working on, or have planned, are based in and around London; and all are based in Britain.

Here are the two stories done so far:

Shadow World : New Beginning – the prologue of the story.
In which we discover the existence of Shadow World, meet the team and learn about their job.
New Beginnings prologue of series (2)

Shadow World: Coming Out – The first story.
In which the Shadow World existence is revealed to the humans, trouble arise and lovers met.
*Warning: mature scene between men. Don’t like it, don’t read it.*
Shadow World Coming Out edited with smashword style guide

There is also a short story in two parts:
Christmas Angel (part 1)
Angel and Taylor (part 2)


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