Angel and Taylor (part 2)

It follows up from “Christmas Angel”.
*Warning: explicit content. Suitable only for a mature audience.*
Enjoy! 😉
(And leave a comment, constructive criticisms are always welcome!)

He pulled her to him, instinctively, and they kissed again, more sensuously. In any other situation he would have thought twice about it, but not this time. He felt a yearning for her he had never felt before.
By the way her hands were clenching on his jumper, he guessed she did too. He was trying to block her thoughts, so as not to intrude on her, but he knew she liked this as much as he did. Then she pulled back and he blinked in confusion.

“Come with me” she said, as she made her way to the door. He followed her in silence as she led him to the stairs, then to her room. He couldn’t think any more, he was just following her lead. She closed the door as he stood there, looking around at the femininely decorated bedroom.

She circled his waist with her arm as she came to stand in front of him. They kissed again. She nipped at his bottom lip playfully and stepped back, standing right by the bed. There, she started by kicking her trainers off then took her jumper off. “Your turn now!”

So he did, unable to form coherent thoughts in his mind as her desire flooded him. Undressing in turn like this, looking at each other, was incredibly sexy. Then she took her t-shirt off and he paused.

Underneath it she was wearing a top of some sort, along the front of which ran a zip, through which there was little sign of breasts. “You’re wondering about my chest? All will be revealed soon enough, if you take your t-shirt off…” She was licking her lips now, like she was ready to devour him. He could only comply and off went his top.

She turned her back to him and he heard the zip being pulled down. Then she pulled the top off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She crossed her arms over her chest and turned back, grinning. “So, this is what you want to see, isn’t it?”
Taylor could only nod and blush as she glanced towards his pants, now strained by his need. She lowered her arms, only leaving her hands on her breasts, not hiding much. Taylor bit his lip as he refrained from walking over and moving her hands.

As if she had read his mind, she did and he couldn’t prevent a soft moan in appreciation and need. He wanted to caress her, kiss her, lick her… and then her hands were at the waist of her jeans and his mind went blank again. She unzipped them and took them off. There she was, standing in nothing but a pair of black boy-shorts.

Taylor stood there, taking in the full sight of her: her long black hair, beautiful green eyes, her pale skin, her tempting breasts, her flat tummy, her thin legs… He only snapped out of it when she made her way to him and put her hands on the waist of his jeans “If you don’t take them off, I will…”

She was looking up at him now, being a bit smaller than him, and he bent down to kiss her again. She didn’t let it trouble her and undid his pants in the meantime. He broke the kiss to push them off and it was her turn to admire him.

He knew he was “a hit with the ladies”, he was tall enough, brown hair, green eyes, a warm smile, but what they usually loved the most was his muscular body. Going to the gym and keeping fit was a necessity for his job but it had some benefits.

She soon interrupted her eyeing of him, took his hand and led him to the bed. They sat and kissed, hands discovering each other, nails trailing on soft skin, teeth nipping on necks….

But soon it wasn’t enough for either of them. She pulled him on top and he moaned when he felt her legs curling around his, bringing him closer. She wanted him and she wasn’t shy to show it, her hips rising to meet him. When her hand found its way in his boxers he gasped. “Wait! Let’s get…these off…” and both pairs of boxers flew off the bed.

Now that nothing was in the way, her hand was moving a lot more freely and he loved it. His own hand had made the same travel and soon it was Angel’s time to gasp. His caresses disturbed her, though, and she stopped her caresses, concentrating on the feeling of pleasure that was growing. Quickly enough, she was moaning and writhing under him, until her back arched. “Taylor!”

She was barely regaining her breathing that her hand was guiding him to her. “Now! Please!” He felt her need, both in her voice and her thoughts, and it inflamed him. He entered her and they both gasped. But the need was so strong that he didn’t stop. He started moving and she moved with him, pushing him to give her more, digging her nails in his back.

After her caresses and having felt her desire and pleasure, he knew he couldn’t last long. It didn’t matter. Her back was soon arching again as she moaned louder. When she tensed, gasping, he couldn’t hold any longer. He moaned her name as she screamed his, their pleasure feeding each other.

Afterwards he held her in his arms as they regained their breath. When she rolled on her side, back to him, he stroked her back until she went to sleep. The only thought that was going through his head the whole time was how much he loved her, how lucky he was to have finally found her.


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