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Start of a new fanfic

I am working on a new Harry Potter fanfic “Loving Lessons” and I decided to start to post it even though it’s not finished.

It’s rated PG-13 (for now anyway) and it’s about a kind Muggle Studies teacher who decides to help the teenagers with their self-love/hate problems, with the help of Lily Evans. It’s set in the Marauders’ era and is (of course) alternate universe.



Fanfiction and news

I have finally taken some time to have a look and realise it was done so… Muggle Magic part 2 is posted here !

Next, I intend to keep working on Shadow World, it’s just a matter of organisation (business closing down, a webzine to translate and write for, house work, health being what it is…)
I’m counting on the dark months to make me want to spend more time writing since I can’t go outside much (too windy!)