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News about “Shadow World”

I am back working on book 2, hooray!
You can download the prologue and book 1 as PDFs here, as well as find the link to the short story “Christmas Angel”.
(I will add the word count for both prologue and book 1 on the Shadow World page soon.)
I hope you enjoy the read!


Fanfiction and news

I have finally taken some time to have a look and realise it was done so… Muggle Magic part 2 is posted here !

Next, I intend to keep working on Shadow World, it’s just a matter of organisation (business closing down, a webzine to translate and write for, house work, health being what it is…)
I’m counting on the dark months to make me want to spend more time writing since I can’t go outside much (too windy!)

Shadow World 1: Coming Out (PDF)

I thought that, since this is -more or less- done, I could put it up here as a PDF file for you to enjoy.

So, here is the first story in the Shadow World universe.

I hope you enjoy, critics are of course welcome.

[Warning: MM, +18 scène]

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Varied enough?

Tonight I got some ideas for the second story in the Shadow World series so I wrote them down.
I’ve had that story in mind for a while but I want to finish at least the first before getting seriously into it.
As I was jotting down those ideas – about the characters and the main plot- I got thinking about the sort of stories I write…
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